Spec Weekly

A science fiction short story delivered by mail every week.


Pause, rest, and escape.

If you are a fan of science fiction, you know the internet is filled with incredible free stories from all around the world. The amount of choice can be overwhelming at times.

Spec Weekly eliminates that overwhelming feeling. Rather than needing to search through thousands of titles on a screen, Spec Weekly delivers a physical story in a letter format once a week to your mailbox.

I hope this encourages both the casual reader and avid fan to pause, rest, and escape into a new world without the “needle in a haystack” search for quality stories.

New opportunities.

Spec Weekly will – eventually – offer a small but dedicated market for new fiction from diverse authors.

Spec Weekly currently draws from a list of over 500 public domain science fiction short stories. This is both exciting and limiting.

Whether it be the themes they explore or the diversity of authors, our current selection is fantastic – but not enough.

The more the subscriber base of Spec Weekly grows, the more new stories can be published while paying the authors what they deserve for their work.

I hope you will be there for all of it.